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Make Your Events Standout With Google Posts

Google has introduced a new feature that will help event organizers catch their attendees attention through organic search. Post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing.

What is a Google post?

Google posts are a part of the latest update on Google, and they allow businesses to add special events and promotions right into their Google listings. You can think of these as social media posts that appear directly onto a Google search. These posts will appear on a card in the listing and link to a page on your site.

You may have noticed these posts during the 2016 presidential campaign. Google was experimenting with this feature by allowing candidates to post latest campaign information.

There are clear applications for these posts that any event organizer can and should take advantage of. If you update regularly with posts linking to fresh new events coming from your company, it can be a phenomenal way to drive organic traffic into ticket buyers. Using this feature is completely free, at least for now, so there is nothing to lose by playing with it and experimenting. Google posts are brand new, so getting ahead of the curve and utilizing them will be a great way to stand out.


How to set up a Listing and Post

If you haven’t yet set up your listing, you should do it right away. Simply look up your own business name while logged into a google account and Google will walk you through the information they need to fully optimize your listing. Once your you’ve tied your listing to your Google account, you just need to click on the “Posts” tab. From there, create your post and a call to action, and publish it. It really is that simple. The hardest part is curating your posts to demonstrate your best events. You also need to make sure your calls to action are compelling enough for the average consumer on Google to want to click it.


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Updated on June 29th, 2017